Clipper I departs the Victoria Inner Harbour one last time Friday

Clipper I departs the Victoria Inner Harbour one last time Friday
WatchThe original Clipper made its final departure from the Victoria Inner Harbour today. The boat, which was retired earlier this year has been stuck on the sidelines ever since.

The original Clipper left the Victoria Inner Harbour for good on Friday.

The ferry, which was retired back in February 2018 after transporting passengers from Victoria to Seattle for 31 years, was loaded up onto a massive ship to start a new career in Africa.

“It’s going to Port-Gentil, Gabon and it’s going to be used by a ferry company there to transport workers from the port, Port Gentil to Libreville,” said Anthony Utley, the owner of  Raven Offshore Shipping Lines, the company handling the move.

Utley says it’s common for older ferries like the Clipper I to end up in West Africa to be used in the oil sector.

“In West Africa, it’s a big oil and gas area and a lot of these ferries that they’re too small for the markets here get moved to those markets to provide transportation to the oil service facilities there,” Utley said.

Clipper Vacations, which could not be reached for comment, upgraded to a larger, more modern ferry after retiring the original.

“It’s a very international effort when you’re shipping yachts and commercial vessels around the world. You’re usually dealing with people in multiple countries at the same time and it makes the world feel like a small place.” Utley said.

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