Climate note shaming drivers left on cars in Oak Bay and Fairfield

WatchA mysterious climate crusader appears to be targeting drivers in Victoria. This weekend several people in multiple neighborhoods returned to their cars to find notes shaming their driving habits. And as Julian Kolsut found out, residents say the notes were unproductive and too aggressive.

Residents of Oak Bay and Fairfield woke up Sunday to find notes under their windshield wipers shaming their driving habits.

The front of the “handbill” reads “Yes this is a crisis,  you are the problem,” and on the back it says “this handbill was left on your vehicle because your vehicle burns a lot of fuel.”

It goes on to talk about the steps that some others are taking to reduce emissions, like riding bikes. It even says when you see your nieces, nephews and grandchildren, the people who you are passing this world on to, you might as well tell them you hate them.

It calls out what it says is a “I can’t change anything by myself” attitude and ends with saying  “do your best, anything else isn’t good enough.”

Many residents aren’t impressed, saying notes like this are extremely aggressive and unproductive.

One resident who found the note on his car was quite confused.

“I drive a hybrid Toyota Highlander and to think I am somewhat doing my part… and getting this letter its kinda funny, especially as it was parked to two other cars that are not as good on fuel,” said Parker Tansem.

“[it’s] extremely aggressive, demeaning really, but hey we are all part of the problem I guess. I think there is a better way of discussing these type of things.”

One home says they do have security footage of a man, who is potentially young, coming up and slipping the note under their windscreen wipers. Some say they are concerned as the person in question trespassed.

No person or group has claimed responsibility for the notes.

Julian KolsutJulian Kolsut

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