City of Nanaimo cancels curbside pickup until next week due to snow

City of Nanaimo cancels curbside pickup until next week due to snow

The City of Nanaimo has announced that it will be cancelling all curbside pickups — including garbage, recycling and organics — until next week due to the current winter conditions.

In a press release issued on Friday, the City said that it will be cancelling all pickups until Tuesday, January 4, 2022.

The City points to the fact that the weather is forecast to change this weekend and efforts are still underway to clear the roads of accumulated snow — factors that create unsafe conditions.

Nanaimo notes that in order to accommodate the missed recycling collection, residents will be able to put extra recycling out on their next scheduled recycling collection day. Residents will also be able to do this with garbage as the City will allow for one extra bag during their next scheduled pickup.

“Collection staff will be physically tossing extra garbage and recycling,” reads a statement from the City of Nanaimo.

“When putting out extra garbage on your next garbage pickup day, please place garbage in a tied garbage bag one metre to the side or behind the black cart (not in front). An extra garbage bag can be any size as long as it would fit into your black cart.”

As for recyclables, the City says to place items in an easy-to-empty container or box that is the same size or smaller than your blue cart, putting it one metre behind or beside the blue cart when you take it to the curbside for pickup.

“As beautiful as this snowfall has been, it’s brought with it an abundance of inconvenience. Curbside collection is the latest challenge for our crews, and with slippery roads and the great potential for icy roads this weekend, well – no one wants a 25-ton truck sliding out of control on our streets. Thanks for your patience, Nanaimo!”

The City continues to monitor road conditions and will be updating the City website and the Nanaimo Recycles app.


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