Chemainus Class of 2019 returns to old elementary school to say thanks

Chemainus Class of 2019 returns to old elementary school to say thanks
WatchAn emotionally charged tradition started on Chemainus school bus today. Chemainus Secondary's graduating class returned to their old elementary school to say thanks to the teachers who helped get them there. As Skye Ryan reports, it was a day they have been looking forward to for years but the emotion of it still caught many by surprise.

After boarding a school bus Thursday, Chemainus Secondary students embarked on a trip back in time.

“We get to go back where our roots were first laid,” said Chemainus Grad Emily Reid.

Their destination was their old elementary school for a tradition that’s been going for four years. They dress in a cap and gown ahead of grad to say thanks to the teachers that taught them when they were tiny.

“I’m speechless from it,” said Chemainus graduating student Hannah Daniels.

“Because it’s like an honour.”

“Just like remembering, just what it was like to be in elementary school,” said Chemainus grad William Ngenda.

“And then finishing. It’s just like wow, Grade 12 felt super far off,”

“I’ll be looking for my kindergarten teacher actually, Miss Sandy,” said Chemainus Grad Hannah Dumez.

Reid said she would be watching for her Grade 7 teacher and hoped to tell her thanks for believing in her.

“It would honestly mean the world to me,” said Reid.

“Gosh darn it, I’m tearing up. Wooh yeah the nerves are just like built up right now.”

“It’s surreal I guess,” said Dumez.

“I’m nervous to move on and like get out of high school,” said Chemainus Grad Matt Simpson.

When it was time to walk into the school, cheers broke out, and all the kids of Chemainus and Crofton elementary schools lined the halls, giving high fives to stars in a small town walk of fame.

Reid’s Grade 7 teacher embraced her.

So did Hannah Dumez’ Miss Sandy.

“Thank you so much,” Dumez told her.

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