CHEK’s 6 locally-owned Victoria eats offering independent delivery amid COVID-19

CHEK's 6 locally-owned Victoria eats offering independent delivery amid COVID-19
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Here are 6 locally-operated restaurants that have launched independant delivery services that will bring great good to you during COVID-19

It’s safe to say that COVID-19 has turned the majority of our daily routines upside-down in Victoria and across Vancouver Island.

Many of us are either now having to work remotely, working less, or not working at all, our favourite recreation facilities including parks and fitness centres have closed down and we are not able to see our typical network of friends and family on a regular basis, if at all.

Amid all the societal changes that have been implemented over the last few weeks, one thing continues to stay the same. Everybody needs to eat.

Despite bars and restaurants shutting down their brick and mortar locations in order to practice social distancing, some local Vancouver Island favourites are adapting to bring their products right to your door instead.

Here are ‘CHEK’s 6’ local Victoria restaurants who will deliver to you during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Jones Bar-B-Que


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Address: 1725 Cook St, Victoria
Available from 12 pm – 8 pm daily

The proclaimed ‘best BBQ in Victoria’ is putting their meals on wheels and delivering within the city area. With a menu that boasts the classics of Texas BBQ, like brisket and pork ribs, to go along with Canadian favourites like pulled pork poutine, meat-lovers can’t go wrong. The company will deliver as far as Mackenzie Avenue and Admirals Road in Esquimalt. For anyone outside of the delivery radius, they will meet you in shopping centre parking lots, according to the company’s website. In an effort to keep social distance and reduce contact, Jones suggests they will drop it at your door, call you when it is there, and wave from a distance!

After BC health officials began setting restrictions on gathering sizes, Jones went to the drawing board and within 48 hours conceived of their independent delivery service, however, Chris Jones told CHEK News that they aren’t operating this way for a profit.

“We are not doing this for a paycheque at this point, we are doing this to keep our last 12 people employed.”

Like many in the same boat, the new service is uncharted territory as Jones Bar-B-Que has never attempted delivery before.


2. The Village Restaurant


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Address: Multiple locations around Greater Victoria
Ordering system available 24/7

Although The Village Restaurants have closed every location, they also have launched the brand new ‘V-Unit!’

According to The Village, the new service will be an “essential food & liquor distribution program” that will deliver pre-packaged grocery boxes to your door. Each box comes with a selection of products from locally-sourced producers or growers. For example, if you were to order the Breakfast Box, it would come with eggs, bacon, milk, coffee, bagels, and sausage – ingredients to make multiple breakfasts. Their options range from the Carb Box to the Carnivore Box to even Mom’s Spaghetti Box.

You can also buy the products that come in the boxes individually as well as order liquor.

One unique additional measure, the V-Unit will be delivering a box to a healthcare worker on the front lines every day. Customers have the choice of purchasing a Sponsor A Nurse Box in order to contribute to this cause.

“When you come and buy a box from us, it will be way less exposure for yourself and way less exposure for others,” a video message on the company’s website said. “Our producers see the box, we pack the box and it comes straight to your door.”

The ordering system is available online at all times, but the company will be doing deliveries around two times per week.

3. Big Wheel Burger


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Address: 703-771 Vernon Ave, Saanich
Open 12 pm – 7:30 pm daily

After closing down completely for a couple of weeks after the COVID-19 social distancing measures were put into place, Big Wheel Burger has reopened one of their locations with a new delivery service. The Village Gateway location near Uptown in Greater Victoria will now deliver the delicious Big Wheel burgers within a 5-kilometre radius.

The menu is a scaled-back version of what Big Wheel normally offers, but you can still get all the favourites including their classic cheeseburgers, all-dressed fries, and Phillips sodas.

In addition to your food, there is an option when you order to donate to the Big Wheel Community Foundation as well.

Company owner Calen ‘BigWheel’ McNeil told CHEK News that the foundation will provide hot meals for at-risk populations.

“This has been an epic challenge and we see ourselves as an important part of the  Food  Supply Chain. We collectively have 5 kitchens on the island and are tied into the fantastic Charity work being done by the Rapid Relief fund, The Boxes of Hope, and our own BigWheel Burger Foundation to help supply food to the at-risk population and front line care workers.”

I mean with locally-sourced, sustainable products why not feel good about both the food you’re eating and for helping someone in need?

Although there have been challenges in a new system, McNeil said that there is a silver lining as a business owner.

“The most difficulty was building a new system from scratch and doing it safely. We created a COVID Pandemic Plan and are adhering to that which has helped. The rewarding part for me as an entrepreneur is creating a new business model. Really been enjoying mobilizing our team for the challenge. My team is amazing,” said McNeil.

McNeil added that although they only launched on March 31, the initial response has been positive.

“Initial response has been tremendous, but not overwhelming. This is allowing us to refine our systems and as demand grows we will be ready to provide quality service and product,” added McNeil

For those that fall outside of the 5 km radius, Big Wheel has said they are opening up a take out window and curbside pickup from the same location. McNeil also said the radius will be expanding to meet demand and they will be doing satellite curbside pickup locations in Colwood and Central Saanich.

4. Mosi Bakery


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Address: 5303 West Saanich Rd, Saanich
Taking orders between 3 pm – 6 pm daily

If you are not much of a baker yourself, you know longer need to worry. Mosi Bakery has opened up an online store that allows you to get fresh, locally baked goods right to your door.

The extensive product range has everything from bread loaves, pastries and cookies to pizza, pasta and ice cream.

Whether you need something sweet to eat while you binge-watch Netflix or something savoury to add to your next meal, Mosi has you covered.

The bakery has said that orders will be delivered the day after they are purchased. Their delivery radius spans most of Greater Victoria, including as far north as Sidney.

5. Nohra Thai Kitchen


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Address: 2524 Estevan Ave, Oak Bay
Tuesday – Sunday 11 am to 9 pm

Have a craving for something more international? Then Nohra Thai Kitchen is the perfect place for you.

Their full lunch and dinner menus are available, featuring authentic Thai cuisine with a plethora of Vegetarian options and healthy choices.

“During these difficult and sensitive times we remain focused on nourishing our community through the power of food,” said the Thai restaurant.

Just to get your mouth watering, think about the delivery access to prawns, curries, pad Thai, crab cakes, lamb shanks, lemon chicken, sticky rice, laab salad, and noodle dishes.

Also, if you’ve felt that the food you make at home just isn’t spicy enough either than Nohra has the ingredients and sauces to get the kick out of your meal that you need.

6. Local Breweries


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Local beer to your door. Do I need to say more than that?

Phillips Brewing, Vancouver Island Brewing and Category 12 are just a few of the local breweries that have launched delivery services so you can get their products in a clean, and efficient, without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Whether you are in isolation, quarantine, practicing social distancing, or staying home for safety it can be made more satisfying with beer.

Each brewery has different parameters, delivery times, delivery radiuses and minimum spends so head to their websites or social channels in order to learn more.

To quote Phillips Brewing: “Just because you may be self-isolating doesn’t mean your beer fridge has to be.”


In an effort to support local businesses, a movement has started called #SupportLocalYYJ. There is a website where you can buy gift cards for some of your favourite local Victoria eateries that you can use at a future date!

The ‘CHEK’s 6’ highlight articles is a web-based series that will spotlight activities, happenings, and things of interest within our Vancouver Island communities.

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