CHEK Upside: Victoria woman creates book comparing Vancouver Island to tourist hot spots

CHEK Upside: Victoria woman creates book comparing Vancouver Island to tourist hot spots
WatchDonna Lynch has travelled to over 90 countries and is channeling her love of Vancouver Island into her second book.

A Victoria woman has produced the ultimate comparison between Vancouver Island and other tourist destinations from around the world.

Donna Lynch has been to nearly 100 countries, but the place she loves the most is Vancouver Island.

“I think we live in paradise,” Lynch told CHEK. “I think compared to the rest of the world we are the luckiest people in the world.

So Lynch decided to create a book that compares Vancouver Island to other places around the world.

“I just want to show people that we have everything here on the Island,” Lynch said.

The book is simply titled More Vancouver Island Versus The World. It’s Lynch’s third book as an author, and her second book involving Vancouver Island. It also showcases some hidden gems that some Islanders might not release are in their backyards.

“There are things in the book that a lot of people haven’t seen, the Moss Lady for instance. A lot of people have never come to Beacon Hill Park to see this. There are 12 hands around Greater Victoria called the Hands of Time that most people when they see my book have never heard about them,” says Lynch as she sits across from the Moss Lady sculpture.

While the books have brought in some sales, for Lynch, it is not about making money. She’d rather show off her Island pride as well as her amazing images of a life well-traveled.

“We have so man things we can explore here that you would go on a summer vacation to a beach, well we’ve got a lot of beaches. You want to go hiking, we’ve got hiking. You want to go kayaking we’ve got kayaking.”

With COVID canceling further travel plans this year, country 100 will have to wait for Lynch. Still, the Island is a pretty good place to be stuck.

“We can go and explore all over our island and we’ve been very fortunate with the COVID count on our island as well. I think we’ve all been very complaint and I hope we continue to be,” said Lynch.

So Lynch will keep on snapping photos and enjoying life at a slower pace right at home on the rock.

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