CHEK Upside: Victoria Royals ready for WHL’s return to play

CHEK Upside: Victoria Royals ready for WHL's return to play
WatchAfter being out of action for over a year the Victoria Royals will return to the ice March 26th in the WHL B.C. hub city of Kelowna.

Over the past year Victoria Royals forward Tarun Fizer went from tickling the twine to tickling the ivories.

“I kind of learned how to play the piano,” says Fizer.

“I took a couple of lessons online and learned how to play some songs,” adds Fizer.

Fizer wasn’t the only Royal who picked up a pandemic pastime. Victoria’s own Ryan and Jason Spizawka dove right into the quarantine baking craze.

“Banana bread, cookies, nothing too fancy,” says Jason.

The Royals rookie twins have had plenty of physically distanced on-ice practice times over the past year with the South Island Royals, but there’s no replacing a real game.

“It gets a little repetitive doing the same drills all the time [and] not being able to hit each other or even body contact,” says Ryan.

But last week marked perhaps the best news they’ve heard since hockey went on hold last March. The provincial government approved the WHL’s return to play proposal, allowing for two hub cities in Kamloops and Kelowna.

So it’s game on. Fizer and the Royals will play a 24-game abbreviated season in an all-BC division bubble.

I’ve been working so hard that it’s like I finally get to showcase and I think a lot of guys have changed a lot over the year that we haven’t been playing,” says Fizer.

“So I’m really excited to see what we can do,” adds Fizer.

The 20-year-old Fizer says he’s put on nearly ten pounds of muscle and is ready to go. As for if he’ll bring his new instrument to play a tune for his teammates?

“I don’t know, I’m not that good yet,” smiles Fizer.

The puck drops on March 26.

Victoria Royals forward Tarun Fizer celebrates after scoring a hat trick. (CHEK News)

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