CHEK Upside: Victoria duo preparing to complete Vancouver Island running journey

CHEK Upside: Victoria duo preparing to complete Vancouver Island running journey

Two Island-based runners are gearing up for the final leg of their 500-kilometre journey.

Joe Robertson and Jack Amos set off from Port Hardy earlier this month in an effort to raise $10,000 for the 1Up Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre.

It’s a cause close to both their hearts.

“From about when I was two to 10 my mum was a single parent and I just saw how hard she worked,” says Robertson. “There was a lot of struggles and I just want to give back.”

“My parents split when I was around 11,” adds Amos. “I said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s just about one of the hardest things a human being could do both just mentally, physically, emotionally.”

Throughout the journey, there have been many hurdles. Their van was involved in a fender bender outside of Campbell River that forced them to stay in town for several days.

“We got in an accident and had to be first responder to basically a car crash and then cops came and a fire trucks and ambulances and that was super stressful,” says Amos.

After they headed back out on the road, Joe suffered an Achilles injury that forced him to slow his pace.

“I believe when we got to Nanaimo it started becoming too much and to stay safe with it I started walking,” says Robertson with a wince.

The two teens have run or walked nearly 25 kilometres each day and tomorrow their long trip back to Victoria will end at Mile Zero.

“It’s just been a really really really long two weeks, we’re just excited to have a break,” smiles Amos.

“It was mentally and physically exhausting, especially getting yourself out of the van for the second run of the day,” says Robertson. “It’s been really hard so it’ll be nice to rest up for a couple weeks,” laughs Robinson.

To donate to Joe and Jack’s fundraiser, visit their GoFundMe page.

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