CHEK Upside: ‘The Sandwich Initiative’ feeding hundreds across Victoria

WatchPaul Logan created the Sandwich Initiative.

It all started with a post. Paul Logan answered his neighbour Linda Matter’s Facebook post asking for anyone to help make sandwiches for the homeless.

After he and his live-in friend Adam made 210 sandwiches in one day, they took a sandwich-making master plan to Facebook

“I was thinking, well, if people have an idea of how much it costs to make a couple hundred sandwiches or a hundred at a time or whatever, if we’re all socially distancing and staying at home, what else are we going to do?” Logan said.

Logan created a group called “The Sandwich Initiative“, where families can sign up to make sandwiches for those in need. The response has been overwhelming, with Logan having to create a spreadsheet just to keep track of the volunteers.

“We are now booked for 150 sandwiches a day until April 15th now. I figure by that point in time now we’ll have made about 3250 sandwiches as this small little initiative that I started,” Logan said.

Even with the quota for the next few weeks already met, Logan and his volunteer team are still looking for people to make sandwiches for the upcoming month.

Though it might feel good to help others, Logan is looking forward to the day when his sandwich making services won’t be a necessity.

“I look forward to the most that we get to the point where we don’t need this initiative. That we get back to a place where, you know, the agencies that have been providing food can go back to doing that. I know so many people are trying to come together to offer support, this was just our little way of trying to do it,” Logan said.

Those who can’t make sandwiches are encouraged to donate to the cause by contacting Logan through the Facebook group.

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