CHEK Upside: Sidney woman inducted into Canadian Broadcast Hall of Fame

CHEK Upside: Sidney woman inducted into Canadian Broadcast Hall of Fame
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It’s a different pace these days for Erin Davis as she enjoys the ducklings at Sidney’s Iroquois Park.

For nearly three decades, however, the Torontonian-turned-Islander spent her career with 3 a.m. wake-up calls and rising to the top of the Canadian radio industry.

“I was on the CHFI morning show, the top morning show in Toronto from 1988 to leaving it four years ago to find a new life here on the Island,” said Davis.

Davis recently achieved industry immortality, officially entering the Canadian Music and Broadcast Hall of Fame.

“It is surreal,” said Davis. “I didn’t even think that it was a thing and certainly not for a young girl of 18 who was starting out.”

In the digital ceremony, many notable Canadians showed plenty of praise to the veteran broadcaster.

“Erin has that rare showbiz quality that separates her from the majority of the pack, she sincerely, honestly cares,” said Rick Mercer, TV host with CBC’s Rick Mercer Report.

“She is an iconic broadcaster and opened a lot of doors for women,” said Jann Arden, Canadian musician/actor/host.

“I was really thrilled for her because I just thought it’s time she’s recognized for the career that she had,” said Rob Whitehead, Erin’s husband and long-time producer. “She just wanted to be a good person and she is a good person.”

“It was never about the awards, it was always about the connection,” said Davis.

A connection that hasn’t wavered even in the face of unimaginable tragedy.

Back in 2015, Erin’s only daughter, Lauren Davis Shirakawa, died in her sleep due to unknown causes at just 24 years old.

“Well what we had to do was kind of make sense of the loss and the tragedy and turn it into something that could help other people, otherwise what was the whole point,” said Davis.

She channelled her immense loss into a best-selling book and has used her website and social media as a way to cope with her own grief while lending a voice to others in need.

“It’s just speaking that same language that has meant so much to people and to understand that they are never alone,” said Davis.

Davis says the memory of her daughter is her motivation to continue to help others and though she’s retired from radio, Davis isn’t slowing down.

“I call it re-wirement because since we’ve moved out here and I’ve left radio I’ve never been busier,” said Davis, who also hosts two podcasts with another set to be released.

Using her gift of compassion and connection, Erin Davis is determined to make the world a better place.

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