CHEK Upside: Saanich man shedding off the pounds with pandemic walks

CHEK Upside: Saanich man shedding off the pounds with pandemic walks
WatchFor the past year Jason Whyte has been walking over 25,000 steps each day in an effort to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Growing up Jason Whyte admits that he didn’t always have the healthiest habits.

“I was a big soda junkie of course being a movie buff I drank lots of Coca Cola, lots of Pepsi, lots of really bad drinks,” said Whyte.

So over the past few years, Whyte has been on a journey to a healthier lifestyle, with the COVID-19 pandemic kicking things into high gear.

“I had a lot of time to go on big walks around the city and I quickly discovered that there’s so many wonderful trails here in Victoria,” said Whyte.

“The second round of closures I was also able to go on even further walks and I decided okay I’m really going to get a health plan, I’m going to cut out a lot of things,” added Whyte.

Whyte walks over 25,000 steps every day accompanied by his favourite podcasts to help keep him in the zone.

“It’s like listening to radio 2.0, it engages all of your senses and before you know it you’re engaged,” said Whyte.

“The world is moving slowly around you, you’re seeing beautiful Victoria sights of course, but you are also completely engaged in a podcast.”

Add in the steps, he covers working the floor at Silver City — a local cinema — and it’s led to a complete transformation.

“I have estimated that I have lost probably about 50 to 60 pounds in the last eight months,” said Whyte.

“It is a significant weight loss and definitely other parts of my health have also greatly improved too,” added Whyte.

“He’s a lot happier, not that he wasn’t happy before, but certainly he’s a pretty happy guy and he’s in good spirits all the time and he’s just feeling better,” said Whyte’s friend and boss Rob Denison.

It’s been a weight loss journey that Whyte hopes inspires others to get outside and get active.

“Just do it, keep pushing yourself and trust me it gets easier as time goes by,” says Whyte.

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