CHEK Upside: Power to Be CEO to be inducted into Disability Hall of Fame

WatchPower to Be founder and CEO Tim Cormode will be inducted into the Canadian Disability Hall of Fame this October.

The founder and CEO of Victoria-based charity Power to Be is among the 2020 induction class for the Canadian Disability Hall of Fame.

Tim Cormode started Power to Be in 1998 to help children live with disabilities interact with nature.

“We’ve built a really wonderful community and I think the people, our participants and our staff and our volunteers all would say the special thing about this organization is the community that we’ve brought together,” says Cormode from the organization’s Prospect Lake facility.

The site was formerly home to the Prospect Lake Golf Course but now houses Power to Be’s outdoor recreation services and programs. The grounds will undergo a major revamp over the next three years.

“Hopefully it brings people from around the world to see the kind of facility that we built, that hopefully inspires others to build places like this in their own communities cause I think nature’s of that much more relevance and importance,” says Cormode.

His upcoming induction into the Canadian Disability Hall of Fame has only added to the excitement surrounding the organization. Come October, he’ll join the long list of inductees such as Rick Hansen and Terry Fox.

“I know when I got the phone call and I did a bit of homework on it, just their stories and what they’ve been able to do globally around the world is truly remarkable and the fact that I play just a small part in that world is pretty meaningful for me,” quips Cormode as he looks back on his career.

While being inducted into the hall is a major honour, Tim still has a lot to give back to the community he’s built.

“The thing that’s really important for me is that we look at everyone as equals and we look at people that live with various challenges that should have opportunities, so I think it’s all about focusing on ability,” says Cormode.

The induction ceremony is still scheduled to take place Thursday, Oct. 29 at Toronto’s Metro Hall.

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