CHEK Upside: Pet poop compost business taking off

CHEK Upside: Pet poop compost business taking off
WatchLesa Cro's new business Poop No More offers an environmentally friendly way of disposing pet poop across Sooke and Greater Victoria.

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Walking into a Sooke backyard, Lesa Cro is on a mission, a poop-finding mission.

It’s a unique pandemic project. Cro visits backyards across Sooke with her compost business Poop No More and as her slogan says scoops up poop.

“I put it in the compostable bag and I take it back to where I live, I’ve developed a system where there’s sawdust, there’s a big big hole,” says Cro. “I put it in there, I bury it, turn it every once and a while and it starts to compost and become one with the soil.”

So far the idea has been quite popular, but there are a few people who don’t quite get the business model.

“I think when people kind of start to get it it’s going to be very lucrative, but I think at this point people are still going hmm,” says Cro.

“I had one fellow contacted me and I think he felt that he was doing me a favour by giving me the poop that I should charge for it because I was composting,” laughs Cro.

Down the road, Cro hopes to expand her business to trail cleanups in an effort to cut down on plastic bags filled with poop. For now, she’s volunteering her time.

“I decided that maybe once every I just pop down to Whiffin Spit and clean up anyway, cause that seems to be the problem spot here in Sooke,” she says.

If there’s one takeaway Cro has from her experience so far, it’s for pet owners to start finding more eco-friendly ways to dispose of their pet’s waste.

“If you’re going to the parks and trails please use compostable bags and please take the compostable bags with you, don’t leave them on the trails the way I’ve been noticing some people do,” says Cro.

To book a backyard clean-up, visit Poop No More’s Facebook page.

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