CHEK Upside: Local Victoria cafe having fun with new take out service

CHEK Upside: Local Victoria cafe having fun with new take out service
WatchJoel Harrison's cafe is bringing a big dose of fun and flavour to your take out experience.

From the outside, Victoria’s Wheelies Motorcycles & Cafe doesn’t resemble a restaurant at all. But once you reach the take out window it’s anything but.

Owner Joel Harrison started the cafe back in 2014. The gearhead combined his love for motorcycles and food all into one. Normally, the cafe is abuzz with people and live music floats through the air. Now the cafe is closed and take out is what Joel is busying himself with.

“We have a fantastic online ordering system where you can use your computer or your phone and then order stuff and pay for it with your card online and we just call you and you pick up your sandwich,” Harrison said.

Their streamlined menu includes sandwiches and soups, leaving mouths watering and taste buds longing for more. One frequent customer is Eleri Levett, who loves the atmosphere when the shop is full, and the current take out situation.

“For lack of a better word, I’d say bumping! Ya, so I just came down to get a breakfast sandwich today and there’s still lots of people coming down,” Levett said.

On Fridays, Joel turns into a delivery driver as well. The store’s Mealies on Wheelies promotion has been a hit with customers across greater Victoria.

“It’s a delivery of a big bag of things. It’s like a meal kit and we deliver them on Friday afternoon or you can pick it up at anytime. It’s 50 bucks for a meal kit,” Harrison said.

The fun hole in the wall shop is open for pick up between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday.




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