CHEK Upside: Local singer bringing people together through music

CHEK Upside: Local singer bringing people together through music
WatchStephanie Greaves is on a Victoria wide tour bringing the joy of music to those isolated due to COVID-19.

While the venues may change on a nightly basis, for Stephanie Greaves, the purpose remains the same.

She’s using music as a way to bring Victoria together and says it all stemmed from a need for some relief.

“We saw a little bit of a need people were getting a bit cooped up with self quarantining and looking over their spaces with COVID-19. I’ve got a voice and I will travel and just decided it would be fun to do some little ‘lawncerts,'” the singer said.

Whether it’s care homes, apartment buildings or her own neighbourhood, the Victoria singer is booked solid. She’s received over 100 requests and plans to fill them all.

Over the past month, it’s become a nightly ritual, with her mom and number one fan Eileen Greaves never missing a show. In fact, Eileen would never even think about it.

“Rain or shine and I love it and I never get enough of her,” said Eileen.

Stephanie is an executive assistant by day and normally would spend her nights and weekend performing at various events. That all came to an end due to COVID-19, but Stephanie has kept the performances going. She doesn’t make a penny from them, but they do take on a very special meaning. It’s what keeps Stephanie going during the often long hours and endless driving.

“This is my rocket fuel,” said Stephanie.

“It”s a bit of a laugh now cuz I say it so often but you know those times where you’re just looking for that certain something that fills you up well this is what does it for me”

One of the highlights of Stephanie’s musical journey was performing for John Hillman at Carlton House. The 101-year-old had just completed his walking fundraiser, surpassing his $101,000 goal for children in need.

The songs will continue until all of her requests have been finished.



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