CHEK Upside: Local author honouring the memory of Aubrey and Chloe Berry

WatchDavid Mcarthur's new children's book "What Does a Caterpillar do" features a dedication from the girl's mother Sarah, and is also raising money for a local non-profit.

A local author is spearheading a fundraising campaign to honour Chloe and Aubrey Berry.

David Mcarthur has been the driving force behind three previous children’s books, and his latest, “What Does a Caterpillar do,” will give its profit to the Victoria Childhood Abuse Prevention and Counselling Centre.

Mcarthur and his family knew both Chloe and Aubrey, as well as their mom Sarah Cotton. After the two girls were murdered on Christmas Day 2017, Mcarthur needed an outlet to express his grief, so he turned to his writing.

“I’m hoping the book sparks a conversation that we need to have. I knew I wanted to do something as a sort of memory for them and for Sarah and it was so fitting to do, come up with this series of books,” says Mcarthur in his home office.

The caterpillar storyline developed from the girl’s mom Sarah. She often referred to them as being her butterflies, so for Mcarthur, the link was a natural fit.

“I really wanted to come up with something which linked them to the story. But it’s also got a deeper meaning as well. It’s all about transformation, you know the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly,” says Mcarthur.

The Victoria Childhood Abuse Prevention and Counselling Centre was there for both Chloe and Aubrey, as well as Sarah during her darkest hour. The centre has an art therapy program that will benefit greatly from the donations.

“We’re so honoured to be a recipient of being able to use thee funds to supply state-of-the-art art supplies because it’s different than normal art,” says Sandra Bryce, the executive director for the centre.

While the last few weeks have been a mad rush to get the book ready, the response has been well worth the effort.

“It isn’t about us, it’s about Chloe and Aubrey and Sarah and they’re [the community] really meeting, well exceeding my expectations in terms of the book sales,” beams David.

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