CHEK Upside: Langford Lanes bowling league gives youth chance to improve their game

CHEK Upside: Langford Lanes bowling league gives youth chance to improve their game
WatchLangford Lane's youth bowling league is a popular fall and winter activity for kids across the Westshore.

Youth bowling is back at Langford Lanes.

The popular yearly program teaches kids the basics of upping their bowling game, with trained coaches and Team Canada alumni.

“We’ve got a few kids out today and they’re going to show us what they can do,” says coaching director Damon Jubb.

Saturday, Aug. 29, was youth bowling league registration day at Langford Lanes – giving young bowlers the chance to lace up and hit the lanes while staying safe.

“Today we’re going to go through three little drills, the release, the stance and the hook cause everyone wants to hook a ball. So we’re going to kind of make it really basic for the first two and then the third one we’re going to take it up a notch,” says Jubb.

It was also the first chance for the league to test new COVID-19 protocols mandated by the province and Langford Lanes.

“The house has their own safety plan as well as the league and the BCTF,” says Jubb. “We want to keep bowling, there’s some healthy benefits to it and we’re trying to do it in the safest way possible,” he adds.

For kids like Travis Stanfield, the league has upped their bowling skill level.

“I used to not be that good, I used to always get gutters,” says Stanfield.

“It’s just fun getting strikes, spares and gutters and stuff,” he adds with a smile.

The coaches enjoy it almost as much as the students. Several of them have come through the youth league.

“It’s fun because you get to help people learn how to bowl, learn how to throw it differently, how to hold it differently, how it goes down the lane,” says league coach Cooper Monaghan.

“We want these kids to come back, we want them to find success, we want smiles,” says Jubb.

“Really when we see smiles, we’re happy,” he adds.

For more information on the league, head to, or visit their Facebook page.

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