CHEK Upside: Island mom creates community scavenger hunt

CHEK Upside: Island mom creates community scavenger hunt
WatchSonia Christensen started her Sidney-wide scavenger hunts to get families outdoors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For Sidney’s Sonia Christensen, talking to fellow moms is something she loves.

“I’ve enjoyed getting to know some of these moms and I have a lot of sympathy for them because being a mom is a hard job,” smiles Christensen.

So when the COVID-19 pandemic prevented her local mom group from gathering, Christensen set up a Facebook group instead. It was in that group that an idea was hatched.

“A lot of the mothers said I’d be good at a scavenger hunt,” says Christensen.

“So I decided to go to local businesses and ask for donations.”

The businesses were more than willing to help out with the hidden treasure.

“They think it’s going to a good cause and it’s helping mothers and it also helps them out because I advertise them in our social media,” says Christensen.

“There’s a few places that I never even knew existed which I found through the scavenger hunt which was great,” says former scavenger hunt participant Chantelle Lee.

“It also gives smaller businesses a chance to put their name out there and just show themselves.”

The scavenger hunts have been a welcome release for mothers across Sidney looking for a way to stay active with their kids.

“We can just hang out together with our children,” says participant Georgina Hensel.

“I like spending time with my family,” says Hensel’s daughter Victoria.

Heading into the holiday season Christensen also has big plans for the next hunt.

“I have a Christmas scavenger hunt [and] I’ve got one big prize for one lucky winner,” says Christensen.

To get in on the fun, ask to join the Saanich Peninsula Mom’s Group Scavenger Hunt on Facebook.


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