CHEK Upside: Cobble Hill woman raising funds for animal rescues with bracelets

CHEK Upside: Cobble Hill woman raising funds for animal rescues with bracelets
WatchAll of the profits from Brianna Pringle's bead bracelets go towards local animal rescues and shelters.

It’s jewelry with a purpose. Brianna Pringle was searching for a creative outlet and found it with bead bracelets.

“It’s very therapeutic for me and I’m not an artistic person at all, I don’t draw, I don’t paint,” smiles Pringle. “I’m usually listening to podcasts when I do it so three hours have gone by and I’m like oh I just made 30 bracelets,” she exclaims.

Her other passion is rescuing animals. With five rescue cats of her own, Pringle’s home is dedicated to her fur babies.

“I’m a little bit of an animal freak,” laughs Pringle.  “If I could have hundreds I would. My husband doesn’t let me.”

“We just recently had seven or eight cats that we had to foster from a local place,” says Brianna’s husband Steve Harwood “They needed somewhere stay for the time being until they grew up and grew their strength and then could be adopted out to other folks.”

Brianna has a special affinity for rescues and their unique personalities.

“They give you so much love cause they know what you’ve done for them and they just give you so much extra love,” says Pringle.

So when it came time to sell her creations, it only seemed right to give 100 per cent of the profits to those helping animals in need.

“I just wanted to help a little bit and financially I could do that by making bracelets and key chains,” says Brianna. “I just try to spread the love towards other charities cause. They all need help.”

The bracelets have been a huge success. Last year alone Pringle raised over $6,000 for various B.C. animal rescues and shelters. Her donations have made a big impact with groups such as Broken Promises Rescue.

“I spend approximately 110,000 dollars on a year just in vet care, so it’s always a struggle,” says Broken Promises founder Pamela Saddler.  “We’re trying to figure out different ways that we can raise money so this is absolutely a huge help for us what she’s doing for us,” adds Saddler.

Pringle is also blown away by the public’s support.

“People that support me by selling my stuff have come to me and said, ‘You know what? We’d like to sell your stuff and not take any money for ourselves, just to help you out in your cause’,” says Pringle.

With each bracelet sold, Pringle will continue to give animals a new lease on life. To find out more about Brianna’s bracelets, visit her Facebook page.

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