CHEK Upside: Celebrating Mother’s Day during COVID-19 pandemic

CHEK Upside: Celebrating Mother's Day during COVID-19 pandemic
WatchGreater Victoria area residents celebrated Mother's Day in unique and different ways as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Outside of Ross Place Retirement Home in Victoria, Heather Ralphs signalled up to her mom on the eighth floor on Mother’s Day.

She then blew bubbles that drifted up from the street towards the glass that keeps her and her mom apart.

Because of COVID-19, the two are separated.

Inside, Ralphs’ mom was shown a special message that is set to the tune of her favourite Nat King Cole song.

It’s a special moment that Ralphs cherishes.

“It’s amazing how being able to see each other although we’re not together in distance the visual is very important,” Ralphs said.

Around the world, Mother’s Day is different this year, especially for those in retirement or care homes.

On Sunday, the residents of Ross Place were allowed to visit with their families outside the home.

For Sue Madsen, the day marks the first time since March that she’s been able to see her mom Lucy, and there wasspecial picnic planned.

“We’ve got my mom some McDonald’s. Something she’d enjoy and we brought our lunch,” Madsen said.

On patches of grass and under the shade of surrounding trees, impromptu gatherings sprouted up left and right.

There was even live music.

Betty, a friend of Ross Place resident Diana, rganized a social distancing serenade from a local musician.

Before COVID-19, the pair would visit coffee shops and music venues together, so for Betty, the idea was only natural.

“Diana and I have gone out for years and years and years to enjoy music. She’s a big music lover,” Betty said.

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