CHEK Upside: Cancer centre volunteer bringing smiles with festive attire

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Outside of the B.C. Cancer Centre in Victoria, there’s one woman who stands out.

Karen Lecky has long volunteered at the centre, but when COVID restrictions meant that she could no longer be inside, Lecky came up with a plan.

“I asked my supervisor if I could do it [volunteer] out here and she said sure,” says Lecky.

So through all weather and on every holiday for the past year, Lecky has dressed up to bring a little cheer to patients and staff.

“This is the second year as a witch, the wicked witch, and the staff and the people you can tell that they appreciate it,” says Lecky.

“They love her, they think it’s great and it boosts morale and it’s just super cool to see,” says centre employee Jacqueline Johnson.

Over the course of Lecky’s outdoor tenure, there have been many memorable moments.

“One couple was coming out of there and whatever I was playing they started jiving in the parking lot and they did that for a few minutes and thanked me,” says Lecky.

It also provides Lecky with a huge amount of satisfaction to brighten someone’s day.

“I get just as much out of it as they do,” says Lecky.

It’s her own unique way of giving back.

“I lost my mom and my brother to cancer….and I thought if I’m going to donate my time here is where I want to donate my time,” says Lecky.

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