CHEK Upside: Campbell River students rally to support first responders

WatchStudents from across School District 72 sent 600 letters to firefighters, police officers, paramedics and health care workers.

Students from across School District 72 are coming together to pay it forward to front-line workers.

Around 600 students sent letters to firefighters, police officers, paramedics and health care workers throughout Campell River in a unique pandemic project.

“With kids, we want to see them be supported in their mental health and stay connected with healthy adults and we thought that was an important way to do it,” says Southgate Middle School teacher Kelsey Creviston.

“Letting them share stories and fill buckets it, of course, fills their buckets,” says Karen Lutz, a teacher at Sandowne Elementary School in Campbell River.

Each letter brought with it a touching moment, with many of the students sharing personal connections to first responders.

“The way they really connected with the first responder that they chose to write to was really quite heartwarming and sweet,” says Lutz.

“I got to read some really cool background stories of some kids that were super heartfelt and super empathetic to what those people do and it was amazing to see how much they appreciate those people in our community,” says Creviston.

It was a small way for the students and staff to shine a little light on those keeping them safe.

“I keep hearing more and more stories of people writing back and just saying thank you,” says Lutz.

It also made for more than a few proud teachers.

“It was such a heartfelt experience and it was amazing to see what those little people could come up with,” says Creviston.

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