CHEK Upside: Campbell River photographer getting attention for crow captures


When Colleen Wilson first picked up her camera while living in Vancouver, she was looking for a way to hone her photography skills.

“I knew I wanted to take photos of animals and what’s in abundance in the city…birds and specifically crows,” says Wilson.

The bird soon became Wilson’s subject of choice, challenging the still developing photographer’s skill set.

“It just got me more comfortable with being out with other living creatures with a camera in hand and being able to approach them without startling them,” says Wilson.

After moving to Campbell River Wilson continued snapping photos of crows, posting her images to social media for other crow enthusiasts to enjoy. Now Wilson boasts over 20,000 followers on Facebook and over 12,000 on Instagram.

Courtesy: Colleen Wilson

“I’m incredibly grateful for the kindness but it does leave me kind of scratching my head every now and again going what happened here,” laughs Wilson.

The photos have helped change several people’s attitudes towards crows, while also opening a window into others’ connections to the bird.

“I’ve had people send me these stories about what the crow represents to them in terms of their lives, their relationships and then how the images take them back to memories that are so important to them,” says Wilson.

“That’s been really incredible.”

Courtesy: Colleen Wilson
Courtesy: Colleen Wilson
Courtesy: Colleen Wilson

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