CHEK Upside: Brentwood Bay man carries on family pumpkin growing tradition

Watch Ian Robinson's family has been growing giant pumpkins for decades, with his latest pumpkin named Autumn being his biggest one yet.

In Ian Robinson’s backyard, there’s plenty of plant life, from Black-eyed Susans to lush peach trees.

But if there’s one crown jewel, it’s a massive pumpkin with a name.

“Autumn is her name and he spends a lot of time with Autumn,” says Rhonda Robinson, Ian’s wife.

For generations, growing huge pumpkins has been a Robinson family tradition.

“My dad used to always play with the idea of trying to grow a 100 pounder way back years and years ago and he got 50,60,” says Robinson. “I started growing them when we had sons and they got into it and we grew a few that were over 100 [pounds].”

“I think he really connects with his dad now that he’s passed away by growing these things,” says Rhonda. “It’s been a tradition to grow the pumpkins for the grandsons and the sons.”

This year with the pandemic still ongoing the professional plantsman set about continuing the Robinson pumpkin legacy.

“I’ve always wanted to do it big time like to really do it, I had the time to do it,” says Robinson. “So we went after it, did the research and found the seeds I wanted to get, got the seeds … I probably germinated them in early April … then the May long weekend we put them in the ground.”

Currently, Autumn weighs 600 pounds, and Robinson expects it to grow even bigger.

“It could get up to 800 pounds if it keeps growing the way it is and stays hot,” says Robinson. “It’s pretty crazy because I was hoping to get 300 pounds.”

As for what he plans to do with it when it stops growing?

“We might try to make some pie and some soup. There will be lots of it there,” Robinson says with a smile.

For Ian Robinson, above, growing large pumpkins is a family tradition. (Cole Sorenson/CHEK News)

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