CHEK Upside: A salute to long-term care Workers

CHEK Upside: A salute to long-term care Workers
WatchThe Upside takes a look at the men and women who work and live in The Summit Long Term Care Home and how they've coped with the pandemic.

Throughout the pandemic, long-term care workers have been on the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19.

“It was a struggle for many staff and still remains somewhat of a struggle,” says The Summit Long Term Care Home medical director Dr. Michael Vaughn.

That struggle is something that the staff and residents at the Summit know all about. In addition to dealing with the pandemic, the team had to facilitate a move into a new building from the now-closed Oak Bay Lodge and Mt. Tolmie Hospital in July of 2020.

“The healthcare workers have been tremendous and in fact the patients have been tremendous,” says Vaughn.

We’re always concerned that they would find this a very difficult transition, but they were very happy with the facility, the layout and the sense of freedom coming here.”

“I have nothing but admiration for them moving 300 plus people plus their stuff, plus everything that goes with moving a hospital virtually,” says resident Sheila Jenks.

The layout of The Summit is unique, with residents having their own rooms as well as communal pods, allowing for a new level of care.

“The way that the houses are set up where there’s 24 residents on each house and they have the one nurse, the one LPN and the one RN overseeing it all and the nurses and the care staff, they really get to know the residents,” says clinical nurse leader Patti Linden.

“It’s an interdisciplinary approach and we have a great team that work to provide that individual care,” adds fellow clinical nurse leader Janice Mangano.

“It gives me sort of a relief because when you have your private room with a private facility like a bathroom and you’re not sharing that,” says Jeanette Lum, whose mother lives at The Summit.

Through it all, the staff have managed to lift the spirits of each and every one of the over 300 residents living between the walls of the centre.

“I couldn’t say enough about the staff, how they select just the right people and train them and motivate them and look after them,” says resident Ernie Talda.

“The smiles themselves, it’s a huge impact during this pandemic,” says The Summit nurse Erna Maghanoy. “It’s really really fun for us.”

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