Central Saanich is feeling the sting with increased mosquito populations

Central Saanich is feeling the sting with increased mosquito populations

Many people along the Saanich Peninsula are taking their frustration out online regarding an increase in mosquitos.

Mosquitos love late summer when Islanders are sweating in the heat, but many want to know why this summer seems to be worse than last year.

Since last year, the Capital Regional District, the Tsawout First Nation and the municipality of Central Saanich all believe that the reason for the increase in mosquitos has to do with flap gates.

These flap gates are located on the Tsawout First Nation. The nation’s public works manager Micah Claxton says it was an unfortunate incident that resulted in a pooling of water perfect for mosquito larvae.

“We had a log get stuck in our flapper gate and it allowed water to get into the marsh for probably about four or five days,” said Claxton.

Mayor Ryan Windsor from Central Saanich knows firsthand the amount of mosquitos that are out on the peninsula and feels bad for everyone having to deal with the pests.

“My sincere acknowledgment and apologies to everyone that’s being impacted by this at the moment. In the immediate future, staff are looking at ways to remove the water that did manage to get in,” said Windsor.

According to the Tsawout First Nation, the flaps are being sealed and additional infrastructure upgrades are happening shortly and should be completed by the end of August.

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