Celebrating the one-year anniversary of CHEK’s The Upside

Celebrating the one-year anniversary of CHEK's The Upside

Join CHEK News in celebrating the one-year anniversary of The Upside, a segment launched at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to lighten our viewers’ days.

Ed Bain, Jeff King and the rest of the team have been highlighting positive stories in our community and around the world and on Tuesday night, it’s time to celebrate the year that was.

Tune in to CHEK News at 5 & 6 Tuesday for a special Upside broadcast from a yet-to-be-revealed location, and don’t forget to enter The Upside contest in which you could win a 75″ Sony TV valued at $2,000.

To ring in one year of The Upside, here’s a wonderful poem from our loyal viewer Judy James. Congratulations to Ed, Jeff, and the entire Upside team.

So The Upside’s been around a year, let’s give a great resounding cheer
For the days you went that extra mile 
To raise us up and make us smile

Without me having to step outside,
You filled me up with hope and pride
Pride for the communities that you’ve seen
That now I know, but have never been

Hope that came when with the smiles
You raised money in piles and piles
For deserving causes and deserving folk
who needed help or were going broke

Most of all, you made me care
for places of whose existence I wasn’t aware
Local eateries, shops and caffs
You introduced with jokes and laffs

I’ve discovered them all, and what’s more
Without stepping outside my own front door!
When this is over I will surely know
The wonderful places I need to go

Now, even though the end’s in sight,
I really hope with all my might,
That The Upside won’t be done  and gone
And Jeff and Ed you’ll carry on!!


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