Catching air and family fun at new View Royal bike track

Watch A new View Royal bike park with a paved pump track, jumps and berms opens to rave reviews. Tess van Straaten takes a look.

Young riders can’t wait to try out the new View Royal bike track.

“I’m really excited for this track because I’ve always wanted to go on one and now I can,” Colin Vanstigt says.

“I ride a scooter and it’s still widely accessible, which is awesome,” adds Edward Gwyn.

Great for popping wheelies and catching air, the paved pump track is a continuous circuit of rollers, berms and jumps for riders of all ages.

“We’re so pleased to provide this amenity for the children around Victoria and in View Royal,” says View Royal Councillor John Rogers. “It’s a regional resource and what this trail does is teach the skills, the responsibility, the confidence, so better cyclists and better commuters in the future.”

The $150,000 project began in July and was designed with input from the coach of B.C.’s provincial team, who says it will be used not just by recreational riders, but also elite athletes.

“For us to see a facility like this that gets more riders out on bikes, particularly in a safe environment, it’s really really exciting,” says Cycling Co. coach Adam Walker.

After the official ribbon cutting, riders came rolling, scootering and jumping along — all giving the park a big thumbs up.

“I think it’s great for the kids, great way for them to get out here and get active,” says Ty Orosco, who lives by the park.

“And it’s great for older kids too!” says Michelle Orosco, pointing to her husband.

“My son does BMX and Juan De Fuca is great but when it’s raining too much it’s not usable and it’s great to have a place where he can practice and do some bumping and have some fun,” Mircea Creciun says, watching his son on the circuit.

A bike track is also in the works for Saanich and Victoria is looking at developing one, too.

Tess van StraatenTess van Straaten

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