Cat loses limb after being shot in North Saanich, RCMP investigating

Cat loses limb after being shot in North Saanich, RCMP investigating
WatchA cat in North Saanich is lucky to be alive but with one less limb after being shot with what is believed to be .22 calibre gun. As Luisa Alvarez reports, the disturbing incident is being investigated by police. Shockingly enough, this is not the only case on the island of a cat being shot this week.

Frankie is resting and in need of lots of love after going through a horrendous ordeal.

“I was going to feed her so I put her down and she just fell over,” said Owner Karen Halkett.

On Monday, Halkett let Frankie go outside in their quiet neighbourhood of Baxendale Road around 4 pm and found little Frankie four hours later hiding injured in Halkett’s van.

“She’d been shot,” said Halkett.

According to the vet, the 7-year-old Burmese was shot with a .22 calibre gun in the shoulder at close range.

“The vets said it was close enough that she wouldn’t have been mistaken for a rat or a rabbit or anything,” said Halkett.

The bullet shattered Frankie’s shoulder and her leg couldn’t be saved.

“I just took to the police the fragment of the bullet we found in the shoulder,” said Halkett.

Halkett says she can’t imagine why someone would do this since she’s never had any complaints about Frankie and she never ventures far from the property.

“There’s tons of acreage here I’m not on the beaten path here at all somebody had to have come down my driveway and shot her in my yard. We are all woods here it’s all bush,” said Halkett.

And Frankie isn’t the only cat this week that are suffering a similar trauma.

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In Nanaimo, Mystic was shot five times in the abdomen with a pellet gun, shattering his bones, but he too survived.

The BC SPCA has opened up a cruelty investigation into the matter and in Frankie’s case, the RCMP is investigating.

“This is upsetting for both the community and the police there’s also a chance this was an accident and in that case, we still need to make contact with the responsible party and to discuss firearm safety and look into that and investigate whether or not charges are appropriate,” said Cst. Meighan de Pass with the Sidney North Saanich RCMP.

Frankie is resilient and already hopping around on three legs. She struggles sometimes to get comfortable missing a limb, but she’es eating and expected to make a full recovery.

“I am just happy she survived,” said Halkett.

Halkett is hopeful that someone may have seen something.

“I’m just hoping they can find out who it is and deal with it if it’s a kid get some help,” said Halkett.

If you have any information regarding this incident contact the Sidney/North Saanich RCMP (250) 656-3931 or Crime Stoppers.

Luisa AlvarezLuisa Alvarez

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