Cat-astrophe averted: Kitten rescued from car engine at Victoria parkade


WATCH: Think that’s the engine purring under the hood? Maybe not. A kitten was rescued from a car engine in Victoria Monday. Isabelle Raghem reports. 

When a colleague of Mandy Rogers told her she heard a cat crying from the hood of a car, the animal-lover rushed to the rescue.

“I got down on the ground and looked through here,” Rogers said while describing the rescue.”I could see the kitten through the wheel into the engine.”

“I could see the kitten through the wheel into the engine.”

Concerned about the sun heating the hood of the car, she called animal control and tried everything to coax the kitten out of the engine.

“I was basically underneath the car and I was shaking treats down here, and I even had the water dish because I thought if the kitty doesn’t come out, at least I can give it some water.”

After more than two hours of unsuccessful efforts, Victoria Police were able to locate and contact the car’s owner  Morgan Brooker. 

“They asked me to pop the hood, so I popped it and the cat’s head just popped up.”

Animal control officers believe the kitten hopped in the engine in the owner’s neighborhood and hitched a two-kilometre ride to the downtown parking lot.

Brooker says he had no idea. 

“When I came out I obviously wasn’t looking for a cat in my hood and I didn’t hear anything.”

After a day spent in the parkade, he was finally scooped out of the hood.

He will be kept at animal control for a few days, giving a possible owner a chance to claim him.

If he isn’t claimed, Rogers would love to take him home.

“I’ve put in my name to adopt the kitty so hopefully I get to adopt it and if I get to, I’ll name it after the car: Audi.”



Isabelle RaghemIsabelle Raghem

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