Cannabis 2.0 products could hit store shelves as early as Christmas week

WatchFollowing Health Canada approval, Edibles and Inhaled Extracts will be hitting cannabis store shelves on Vancouver Island next week.

Coast Range Cannabis in Comox is one of two private cannabis retailers currently in the Comox Valley. It’s only been open for six weeks but business has been steady.

“A lot of people who are a bit older and they’re really enjoying oils, all those sorts of smoke-free options that we have but we definitely have a lot of the younger people coming in for their dried flower,” said Sheila Rivers, Owner of Coast Range Cannabis.

Buyers will find something new beginning as early as December 24th in Comox. Cannabis 2.0 is now legal in Canada meaning edibles and inhaled extracts will be for sale.

“The edibles are anything that is ingested like food so that’s anything from gummies to sparkling beverages,” said Rivers. “We have infused teas and hand-painted chocolates so it’s a whole spectrum of new things.”

The new legal line of products comes at a good time for cannabis retailers that saw lower than forecast sales in the first year after legalization in October 2018.

$907.8 million was sold while some estimates were as high as $4 billion. Statistics Canada reports that 70%-80% percent of all cannabis sales are still on the black market.

“When you are buying from your dealer, your black market person, you’re not going to have the selection you have in these legal stores and of course you’re not going to have the safety and convenience because everything that comes into our store is checked by Health Canada and that offers such a level of safety,” added Rivers.

Customers say they are happy edibles are now legal and about to be available.

“It would be popular with me. I find the edibles are nice for more medical use for like PMS symptoms,” said KJ Crandall.

“I think it’s another thing you can choose from,” said Any Stewart. “I think it’s a good variety to have, you can smoke it and now you can have something else to choose from and it’s just a different sensation.”

Rivers concluded, “I think it is important to state what’s coming for 2.0 does not look like animal-shaped candy. The packaging is plain and designed not to appeal to children. As with all cannabis products, edibles should be secured place that children can’t access.”

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