Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announces $240 million to create online health services

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announces $240 million to create online health services

Some health care services will be going virtual and the federal government is providing millions of dollars to make that happen.

On Sunday, May 3, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the federal government will invest $240 million to bring health care services online by creating new virtual platforms for mental health and primary care and expanding “online tools” that are already available.

“Whether you’re looking for strategies to managing stress or support from a professional, this will be a resource for you. If you’re part of a marginalized community and you need specialized tools, well there will be specific help for you as well,” Trudeau said during his Sunday briefing on the COVID-19 situation.

Canada has faced “challenge and heartbreak” on a scale that “we could never have” anticipated over the last four months, said Trudeau, adding that it is understandable if people are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Trudeau also said if Canadians can use apps to order dinner or video chat to talk to family members, then Canadians can use new technology to help “keep each other” healthy as well. He said some of the $240 million will be going towards providing virtual care.

“This $240 million investment will also include funding for virtual care, for times when you don’t need to see a doctor in person,” he said. “Just take video conferencing, by helping doctors run appointments online, you can stay safe at home while getting care and our hospitals can stay focused on those who need it most.”

Additionally, Trudeau announced a $175 million investment in Vancouver company AbCellera, which will help them with their ongoing COVID-19 research.

“They have identified antibodies that could be used in drugs to treat this virus,” Trudeau said about the Vancouver-based company. “This new funding will help them continue their vital work and will support human trials beginning as early as July.”

The Prime Minister also announced the creation of a “COVID-19 supply” council, which will be responsible for coming up with innovative solutions to ensure Canadians have supplies that are needed like personal protective equipment.

During his Sunday briefing Trudeau also addressed parents. He said he understands that it has been a challenging time for parents right now and announced that the upcoming Canada Child Benefit payment for May will be increased by $300 per child.

“For families with two kids, that means an extra $600. For three kids, an extra $900 and so on,” Trudeau said. “This is money for whatever you need. Whether it is online tutoring or groceries.”

Lastly, Trudeau, as he has done many times during his COVID-19 briefings, spoke to kids.

“To all the kids out there, I know things are hard for you too. I know you miss your friends and it is not always easy to do your school work online, but this isn’t going to last forever,” he said.






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