Canada Post making ‘Langford’ an official mailing address this June

Canada Post making 'Langford' an official mailing address this June
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Residents of Langford can officially change their mailing address from “Victoria” to “Langford” this spring, but they won’t have to worry about parcels getting lost in transit.

Canada Post has finished processing a request from Langford in early 2022 to change its mailing address database for the municipality, and now, it becomes a reality effective June 19, according to a staff report.

“No mail will be disrupted or lost due to this transition,” reads the report, which is included in council’s special meeting agenda for Monday.

“Currently, all mailing addresses for Langford have ‘Victoria’ as the city in the Canada Post database as the primary city. This standard is the same for most Greater Victoria municipalities,” staff say. “This was determined by Canada Post many years ago and is only changed on request by the municipality.”

Esquimalt, for example, is one municipality in Greater Victoria that made “Esquimalt” its official mailing address — something the township’s director of Engineering and Public Works called “helpful” in a March 2016 staff report. 

City of Langford staff say residents and business owners will receive a letter from Canada Post advising them to update their address with services, including utilities and banks.

“Residents will also be able to update their address with ICBC when they renew their driver’s license,” reads the report. “Although Langford will now be the primary city for all mailing addresses, those receiving mail with ‘Victoria’ as the city will still be successfully delivered as Victoria will now be listed as a secondary city in the Canada Post database.”

While city staff provide civic addresses, they say Canada Post assigns the municipality and postal code for mail based on geographic mapping, which is then subscribed to by various agencies like ICBC.

Business owners are not required to update corporate or legal documents, however, they can if they wish, and staff encourage them to update their websites and Google listings to display Langford.

“The city has been working with Canada Post to seamlessly plan the transition in the database,” add staff.

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