Canada Post letter carrier taken to hospital after dog attack in Saanich

Canada Post letter carrier taken to hospital after dog attack in Saanich
WatchA postal worker had to be taken to hospital this week after being attacked by a dog while delivering a parcel in Saanich.

This story contains images that may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised. 

A Canada Post letter carrier is at home recovering from injuries following a dog attack that occurred on Monday.

The woman, who is described by the union as an ‘experienced carrier’, was delivering a package in a Saanich neighbourhood at around 10:50 am. The parcel she was delivering was described by a union representative for CUPW Victoria 850 as ‘a signature item’ that meant the carrier rang the doorbell.

When the homeowner opened the door a dog, who was behind a barrier, escaped the blockade and proceeded to bite the carrier on her hand, said the CUPW 850 rep.

According to the union, the dog continued to follow the carrier outside, biting her repeatedly on the arm, causing deep wounds.

One of the injuries sustained in the Saanich dog attack

One of the injuries sustained in the Saanich dog attack. (CUPW)

One of the injuries sustained in the Saanich dog attack. (CUPW)

Eventually, the homeowner was able to get the dog into the house. Meanwhile, several neighbours who witnessed the incident came to assist the carrier and she was transported to hospital.

“This is one of the worst ones that I’ve seen. I’ve been at Canada Post for 27 years and this is a pretty bad one,” said Jessica Dempster, Canadian Union of Postal Workers Victoria President.

Dempster has been bitten a few times herself.

“It can leave you a bit unsettled after you have one, but eventually you just keep doing your job,” she said.

Saanich police have confirmed the Saanich Pound is investigating the incident and that it took place in the 4000-block of Morningside Close.

Police said the Canada Post worker was on the dog owner’s property to deliver mail and could hear the dog inside.

“It is believed that the owner attempted to barricade the dog as the door opened, however, the dog escaped and bit the mail carrier on the hand and arm.  Saanich Pound Inspectors are familiar with this dog and are continuing to investigate this incident. This is an unfortunate incident and the investigators are taking all necessary steps to ensure the safety of the public,” Saanich police said in a statement.

The postal workers’ union is urging dog owners to take the proper precautions.

“Take that extra minute to secure your dog, make sure your dog is shut in a different room before you open your door,” Dempster said.

“We would much rather wait, we can hear what you’re doing most of the time, we can hear the dogs barking, we can hear if you’re telling them to go in another room, we can hear what’s going on and we’ll wait.”



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