Canada Post adds ‘Knock, Drop and Go’ approach as policies change due to COVID-19

Canada Post adds 'Knock, Drop and Go' approach as policies change due to COVID-19
Darren Calabrese/Canadian Press
Like many other organizations, Canada Post has announced numerous changes to its service amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like many other organizations, Canada Post has announced changes to its service amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a press release issued on Tuesday, the essential service said that they will be reducing store hours at many post offices across the country. Canada Post said they will be opening on hour later and closing one hour earlier in order to “clean, restock and provide some relief to employees.” They will also be dedicating their first hour each day to priority service for those who are at higher risk.

The organization is advising that some offices will close due to third party building closures or for personnel reasons.

Along with the altered hours, Canada Post will be suspending their hold period as Canadians are dealing with quarantines, isolation, or illness.

“Parcels left at the post offices for pickup will not be returned-to-sender until further notice. We’ve suspended our normal 15-day hold period. We ask that customers who are feeling ill or self-isolating, to please delay their visit to the post office and to pick up their parcel when it’s safe to do so,” said the press release.

Anyone who is planning on picking up a package in-store is being asked to keep two metres apart, with Canada Post installing signs and floor decals in larger offices for guidance.

As far as delivery protocols go, the organization is attempting to eliminate customer interaction at the door in order to support social distancing orders. According to Canada Post, they are implementing a strategy that they’ve dubbed the “Knock, Drop and Go” approach.

“Delivery employees will knock or ring, choose the safest location available to leave the item and then depart for the next address. This change eliminates the need for signatures at the door and greatly reduces the number of parcels sent to our post offices for pick-up,” said Canada Post’s release.

The company adds that for items that require ID or proof of age, those will be sent directly to post offices for pick-up.

In an effort to protect its workers, Canada Post is asking during these knock, drop and go deliveries for customers to implement social distancing when interacting with postal workers and give them the necessary space.

The postal operation did add that they are suspending On-time Delivery Guarantees for all parcel services indefinitely as the COVID-19 pandemic landscape continually shifts.

“A simple smile and wave through the window to your delivery agent, a supportive thumbs-up to the driver of the Canada Post truck as they go by or patience and a thank you to the person working at the post office all go a very long way these days,” added Canada Post.

The outlined changes will come into effect immediately.

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