Camosun College students create device that could make travel easier for cyclists

Camosun College students create device that could make travel easier for cyclists

WATCH: A group of students in Victoria have created a device that could make travel a whole lot smoother for cyclists. Ceilidh Millar reports. 

Hayden Genoud has been a competitive mountain biker for almost a decade.

“I was really passionate about doing something bike-related with my work,” Genoud said.

The engineering student at Camosun College says the most challenging part about biking isn’t the ride itself but getting the bike to the destination.

“I was finding I always had to move the bike rack or do something to it before you could put the bike on it,” Genoud said.

Genoud, along with a few of his classmates, have created a bike rack that could make transportation a whole lot smoother for cyclists.

The college students spent their summer creating a light-weight, vertical-hanging and shippable bike rack called MechTech.

“You can accommodate for whatever bike you want and it all fits on one rack,” Genoud explained.

Unlike a traditional bike rack, the device hangs vertically which allows for different sized wheels and styles of bikes.

The rack also swings to the side so riders can easily access the trunk of their vehicle.

The group of students received support for their project from Oak Bay Bicycles in the West Shore.

“It’s very handy,” said owner Chris Dickinson. “You don’t have to take the bikes off the rack to get into the vehicle, so if you’re out camping and you have kids, you can just swing the bike rack out of the way and access your cooler. It’s really simple to use.”

While the rack isn’t on the market yet, the students unveiled their project at a showcase at the college on Friday.

Genoud said they’re now trying to patent the device and hope to take their creation to the top of the market.

Ceilidh MillarCeilidh Millar

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