Cameron Bluffs fire slows in growth, moves away from Cameron Lake

Cameron Bluffs fire slows in growth, moves away from Cameron Lake

The Coastal Fire Centre says while the Cameron Bluffs fire is still considered out of control, its growth has slowed.

On Thursday morning, pilot Andrew Moore was preparing his helicopter for another day of firefighting on the Cameron Bluffs.

Moore has been part of the fight for two and a half days and is remaining optimistic.

“As far as headway I think we had some good success yesterday holding some of the steeper canyon terrain and hopefully that continues,” said Moore.

From the edge of Cameron Lake Resort it’s clear the fire isn’t advancing like it was on Wednesday.

The Resort owner says she can’t see visible flames today and the main fire fight is now over a ridge.

“Planes are back which is great. They are attacking the back side which is fantastic and even from an hour, they came in about an hour ago. Already seeing a difference now so I’m feeling positive,” said Esther Verheyen, the resort’s owner and manager.

Area property owners say a wildfire service firefighter was mapping the area and assuring people that pumps and sprinklers would be brought in if needed.

“They said there’s lots of resources to get the sprinklers here. They’ll get the word and they’ll be here,” said Tom Cinnamon, a property owner who says knowing that makes him feel a lot safer.

The Coastal Fire Centre says the fire growth has slowed — now only 180 hectares.

“The status remains out of control. We have 60 firefighters working that fire today with five helicopters supported by air tankers,” said Kimberly Kelly, an information officer with the Coastal Fire Centre.

Kelly says firefighters are using the longer days to get the upper hand.

“Crews and engines are working on the roadside, working early and late, taking advantage of the long daylight hours.”

The wildfire service says there is a chance of rain for tomorrow but if it does arrive it’s not expected to make any significant impact.

The fire which was first reported Saturday is believed to be human-caused.

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