Burpees for charity: Fitness fundraiser set to eclipse half-million dollar mark

Burpees for charity: Fitness fundraiser set to eclipse half-million dollar mark
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Everyone has their limit, that threshold you reach where you can’t do any more.

Baylea Wilkins just doesn’t know where hers is. “I haven’t hit it yet,” says the mom of three, fitness trainer and Victoria firefighter on a blustery morning at David Spencer Park.

And while her threshold is to be determined, there’s a mark she clearly wants to hit with one of the city’s top fitness fundraisers.

Burpees For Charity began in 2021, and while most charitable drives start out small, they went big right out of the gates.

“I thought, I’m gonna get a hundred people to each hopefully do a hundred burpees and each of those people will raise a thousand dollars and that will get us to a hundred thousand dollars. People told me I was crazy.”

Approaching $500,000 raised, the doubters have disappeared.

The fourth annual Burpees For Charity runs July 6 during the Victoria Harbourcats home game at Royal Athletic Park vs. the Kelowna Falcons.

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Wilkins and a group of fitness-first philanthropists will gather beyond the outfield fence, raising money and doing everyone’s least favourite exercise for a charity everyone loves. Kidsport Greater Victoria is the benefactor, an organization that helps families across the region with financial barriers get their kids involved in organized sports.

“It’s more from a single fundraiser than our organization has ever seen,” says Kidsport Greater Victoria executive director Jill Shaw. This year the ask from Greater Victoria is huge.

“Last year, we had almost 50 per cent more local families reaching out and receiving support from us than in the year prior,” she said.

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Shaw says the organization would be scrambling were it not for the burpees fundraiser.

Groups or individuals are encouraged to get involved by signing up and fundraising for the July 6 event, or you can donate in person or online.

A third way to lend your support is through Moxies, an event sponsor. For the month of June, you’ll have the option to “round up” on your bill, with the totals going in support of Kidsport.

It’s also the venue for the Burpees For Charity after-party, providing everyone’s not too sore to attend.

Burpees, it should be noted, are not considered enjoyable for most people. Most people, however, are not Baylea.

“I’ll be doing a thousand burpees in a row, in one shot,” she says.

That alone could be worth the price of admission.

Burpees For Charity happens Saturday, July 6, at Royal Athletic Park, with opening pitch of the Harbourcats game at 6:35 p.m.

You can donate online at burpeesforcharity.ca.

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