Bike and a bite: 19 places to cycle to on the South Island after you’ve worked up an appetite

Bike and a bite: 19 places to cycle to on the South Island after you've worked up an appetite

If you love to cycle and enjoy eating delicious food then this list is for you.

The MicCHEK Podcast recently asked Trek Bicycle Store Owner Bill Fry to lay out his list of the best places to cycle to on the South Island for a bike and a bite.

Fry has been a leader in Victoria’s cycling community for decades. He’s been involved with the Canadian Cancer Society’s Cops for Cancer Tour De Rock since its inception, donating bikes for the riders and has helped thousands of islanders with their cycling needs. He also happens to love food.

“Pretty much the motto of the store is ride bikes to eat burgers and drink beer,” says Fry. Here is his list of 19 places to ride to for a coffee, snack, meal and beer on the South Island.

Mattick’s Farm (5325 Cordova Bay Rd.)

“It’s the ideal distance for an out and back from the downtown core. As a Tour De Rock rider the first training ride is to Mattick’s Farm and back from the Saanich Police station. They’ve got ice cream, coffee, and a restaurant there. It’s an obvious recommendation for any new rider.”

My Chosen Cafe (4492 Happy Valley Rd.)

“If you’re going from the western communities My Chosen isn’t too bad but if you’re going from the core it’s a bit far. There are so many rides to be done that way, you can also put your bike on your car and cut down the distance.”

Finn and Pearl at Whole Foods (3587 Blanshard St.)

“This isn’t a local pick but the little restaurant attached to Whole Foods has fish and chips and beer on tap. My riding buddy and I often do a ride and end up there for a meal.”

East Sooke Grocer (5611 East Sooke Rd.)

“It’s a little general store and they’ve got little pastries and pepperoni sticks.”

Mason’s Store and Patio (1885 Renfrew Rd.)

“I’ve been going here for a long, long time. You end up on the other side of Shawnigan Lake and if you make it there you’ve gone far and are probably very hungry.”

The Ruby (3110 Douglas St.)

“If you’re going for a ride and are going to stop for breakfast, Ruby’s attached to Hotel Zed on Douglas Street is great. If you jump off the Goose like you’re heading to Mayfair Mall, it’s easy to get to. It’s a super funky spot.”

Cherries (4144 Wilkinson Rd.)

“These breakfasts are legit. The bangers and hash is next level. You want to do a good ride if you’re going for a full breakfast. The patio is also super nice too, modest, but it’s great.”

Nest Cafe (2311 Watkiss Way #102)

“The Nest is awesome and it’s right along the Galloping Goose. They have an apple cake that is really good and a chocolate brownie. This is more of a stop for a snack. They also have sandwiches. The Nest is an awesome stop if you’re doing the loop, which is just under 20-kilometres. You’d head out on the E&N Line route and then jump on the Goose to come back into town. For first time cyclists the loop is dynamite.”

The Roost (9100 E Saanich Rd.)

“It’s fairly close to the airport and the cinnamon bun is what you want to get. It’s a good distance if you’re taking the Lochside Trail from the downtown core.

Mosi (5303 W Saanich Rd.)

“It’s a very popular spot for cyclists and West Saanich Road is such a major cycling artery. Another good spot for a coffee and a snack to fuel up mid-ride.”

Habit Coffee (552 Pandora Ave.)

“Cycling and coffee go hand-in-hand, but it’s hard to pick spots because there are so many coffee shops in Victoria. I like Habit though.”

Hide and Seek (2207 Oak Bay Ave.)

“It’s a newer spot along Oak Bay Avenue. I was in an exercise-induced haze last time I was here. Great coffee.”

Township Coffee (4343 Tyndall Ave.)

“The guys I work with at Trek love Township Coffee. They say it’s amazing. This is a great one if you’re riding along the water and go through Mount Douglas Park. Location wise it’s great because it’s very central.”

Brasserie L’Ecole (1715 Government St.)

“This is a put on your tweed jacket, get on your city bike, and go for a fancy dinner. I almost didn’t put this on the list because it’s been on a lot of your lists, but the food is too good not to mention it. The owner is also an avid cyclist and I like supporting cyclists. It’s also easy to get to if you use the Pandora bike lane.”

Boom and Batten (2 Paul Kane Pl.)

“It’s easy to ride to and there’s good bike parking. Again, I think of this as a place to bike to for a fancy dinner. They also have a coffee shop, but biking for dinner is super fun. You don’t realize how easy this place is to get to on a bike.”

Phillips Tasting Room (2000 Government St.)

“Phillips Tasting Room is easy to get to but also the things around it are great. You can have a beer and then check out some of the shops downtown. I also love all of the merchandise Phillips has to offer. They do a real good job with merchandise.”

Whistle Buoy Brewing Company (Market Square)

“Oysters and beer in Market Square and it’s also dog friendly. You can also lean your bike up against the fence if you don’t want to bring a lock.”

Driftwood Brewing Company (836 Viewfield Rd.)

“This is a great spot and they’re also making it more bike friendly. The patio is amazing. When the patio opens up it’s going to be a great spot to stop for a beer.”

Burger Crush (787 Fort St.)

“Great burgers and it’s right along the bike lane on Fort Street so very easy to get to.”

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