Beacon Hill Children’s Farm turns tragedy into happy ending for mother goat

Beacon Hill Children's Farm turns tragedy into happy ending for mother goat
Baby goats Jupiter and Solaris are seen in photos provided by the Beacon Hill Children's Farm.

The goats at the Beacon Hill Children’s Farm are one of the most popular features of the Victoria staple.

Earlier this month, the farm welcomed their first baby goats of the year courtesy of mother goat Venus, who gave birth to Jupiter and Solaris.

“We’re so excited when we know that the goats are pregnant and we’re watching for their due dates, and we’re watching for the signals that they’re going to give us when they’re going to deliver,” says Beacon Hill Children’s Farm worker Julie Clark.

“As soon as the babies are born, we’re so excited to welcome them and be around them and watch the babies grow, they grow quickly every day.”

Unfortunately for Venus’ sister Moon, her baby was stillborn. After hearing the cries of Moon, the staff decided to move Solaris over to her pen, and after some encouragement, Moon accepted Solaris as her own baby goat.

“She had the milk, she was able to nurse the baby and look after it and just adopted it as her own,” says Clark.

“With Venus and Moon, they’re close sisters. They’re always together, so now they share babies, which is wonderful.”

The new arrivals were a great way to kick off the spring season for the staff.

“We’re all very attentive and very excited and just watching them…and knowing that coming into spring, we’ve got lots of bouncing, hopping little baby goats running around,” says Clark.

Both moms are happily taking care of their young, with the baby goats now ready to interact with the public at the farm.

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