BC United: Liberals will vote on new party name by the end of 2022

BC United: Liberals will vote on new party name by the end of 2022
BC Liberals
BC Liberal Party members have chosen to vote on a potential new name for the party: BC United.

The BC Liberals could become BC United by the end of the year as the party looks for a fresh start under new leader Kevin Falcon, it announced Tuesday.

The “fresh alternative” to the traditional BC Liberal Party banner was selected following a province-wide consultation with party members that saw more than 2,000 suggestions over three months.

“BC United is a fresh alternative that expresses the Party’s longstanding commitment to unity across a broad coalition of party members, as well as highlighting British Columbia front and centre in the name choice,” the party said in a news release Tuesday.

Falcon announced after he was elected party leader that exploring a name change would be one of his priorities. The process began in June at the party’s annual convention, with two-thirds of delegates voting in favour.

Suggestions for a new name were solicited through boxes, text messages, QR codes and in-person discussions on Falcon’s summer tour.

“I want to thank all the members who have taken part in the process so far, and I urge them to participate in the vote when the time comes later this year,” said Falcon. “I’ll personally be voting in favour of changing the Party name, and I’m hopeful our members do too.”

Party vice-president Caroline Elliot said BC United emerged from the other contenders “as the clear choice across the province.”

“We’ve long been a big-tent party, united together in our common vision for B.C., and it’s no wonder that so many members expressed this sentiment in their suggestions,” she said.

If the party votes in favour of the name change in a ballot that will be held before the end of the year, it will be put in place “strategically and responsibly, recognizing that the BC Liberals do not control the timing of the next election,” the party said.

The vote will ask party members if they’re in favour of changing the name from BC Liberals to BC United, or keep the existing party name.

The Liberals say the potential new name has been registered with Elections BC as an alternate name for the party.


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