BC Transit to retire handful of Victoria’s original double-decker buses after 20 years in service

BC Transit to retire handful of Victoria's original double-decker buses after 20 years in service
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BC Transit has revealed its plans to retire several double-decker buses amid celebrating their 20th anniversary on the streets of Victoria.

BC Transit has revealed its plans to retire a handful of double-decker buses while celebrating their 20th anniversary in service on the streets in Victoria.

The double-decker buses hit Victoria’s streets on Aug. 1, 2000 and, according to BC Transit, have collectively logged more than 11 million kilometres.

B.C.’s capital city was the first in North America to launch double-decker transit buses, building a fleet that now consists of 67 vehicles, says BC Transit.

“A strong public transit system gets people where they need to go. Not only are Greater Victoria’s double-deckers iconic – and fun to ride – their increased capacity gets more people out of their cars. Congratulations to BC Transit and Victoria Regional Transit Authority on this milestone,” said newly appointed Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, Rob Fleming.

BC Transit says that 10 of the original buses are “nearing retirement” and, in celebration of their 20 years of service, the transit authority is releasing a video series called Tales from the Top Deck.

In a press release, it highlights that the video series will be released through BC Transit’s social media platform over the next two weeks.

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“These double-deckers have meant a lot to BC Transit employees and to the people that have used them to move throughout the region over the last 20 years. These original 10 buses have certainly earned their retirement. They have changed the face of transit in Greater Victoria and we are thrilled to celebrate their legacy,” said Aaron Lamb, vice-president of asset management and chief sustainability officer with BC Transit.

In addition to the video series, the transit authority states that one of the original buses will be hitting the streets with an original design and colour scheme.

This original bus will give riders “the chance to step back in time and relish the rich history of double-decker buses in the Victoria Regional Transit System,” a statement from BC Transit reads.

According to the transit authority, the retiring buses will be replaced by new double-deckers early in 2021.

More information about Victoria’s double-decker buses and 20th anniversary can be found here.

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