BC SPCA shares tips on how to protect yourself from crow attacks

BC SPCA shares tips on how to protect yourself from crow attacks

If it sounds like a murder of crows have probable ‘caws’ to dive-bomb you, they do.

BC SPCA says springtime to early summer is crow nesting season and that the crows that might be attacking you are just being protective parents.

It’s a vulnerable time for both nestlings and parents, with eggs and young chicks at risk of predation.

When fledglings begin to leave the nest, they spend the first few days fluttering from branch to branch within their nest tree.

Instances when you get the crows swooping down on you may be in areas where tree branches have been removed, exposing the chicks that sometimes end up on the ground, according to the SPCA. This is when they need their parents to keep them safe while they learn to work their flight muscles.

It’s nature’s way, so it’s up to you to be extra cautious when walking past trees in your neighbourhood, says the SPCA.

The BC SPCA is recommending a few ‘crowtection’ reminders:

  • Temporarily alter your travel routes during nesting season to keep a little more distance around known nest sites.
  • Post friendly warning signs in high-traffic areas.
  • Carry an umbrella as a portable visual barrier to add a little extra distance between you and the concerned parents.

Reddit user wunderkammernn3 suggests wearing a hat with eyes on the back of it. Apparently crows rarely attack from the front.

You might also find CrowTrax useful. It’s a website where people can share their experience being attacked, including the level of aggressiveness of the attack on a scale of one to five to give you a heads up of areas you might want to avoid while crow nesting season is on.

You’re going to have to wait until July before crows calm down along your usual walking, cycling, or running routes.

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