BC SPCA opens new Nanaimo facility to care for abused farm animals

BC SPCA opens new Nanaimo facility to care for abused farm animals

The BC SPCA has opened a new facility in Nanaimo, adjacent to its Community Animal Centre, specifically for caring for abused and neglected farm animals.

The facility has been named the Seasted Stables, in recognition of the Seasted Foundation that provided funding for the barn and paddocks.

According to the SPCA, the new 3,600-square-foot facility includes a 2,500 square-foot barn with four stalls (each with a paddock), an exercise space, treatment area, storage room and pasture and is located on the same property as the SPCA Community Animal Centre at 154 Westwood Road.

“Seasted Stables is going to be serving the whole of Vancouver Island. There’s something like 200 farm animal calls that come in every year so we’re going to be like a central hub for these animals to come,” said Leon Davis, manager of the BC SPCA’s Nanaimo branch.

Kaley Pugh, BC SCPA’s regional manager of cruelty investigations, said the new facility is exciting and will help a lot of animals.

“It’s really exciting. I’m really glad that we have this available for our cruelty investigations and I’m looking forward to being able to help a lot of farm animals here that we may not have been able to help otherwise,” said Pugh.

The Seasted Stables is the newest facility in the BC SPCA’s network of 44 locations across the province supporting domestic, farm and wild animals.

The organization says it is the third building designated specifically for the care of farm animals, along with Good Shepherd Barn in Surrey and a recovery and adoption barn in Kelowna.

“The Vancouver Island cruelty investigations team is really looking forward to having a dedicated BC SPCA facility for horses and other farm animals from our cases,” says Kaley Pugh, regional manager of cruelty investigations. “It will be a huge relief for our officers to know that when there’s an animal in distress, we’ll have somewhere safe to take them for care and recovery.”

Last year, the BC SPCA investigated 1,342 cases involving farm animals, including 217 on Vancouver Island.

Other organizations and individuals that helped fund the Seasted Stables project include The Rogers Foundation, Cliff Jackman, Judith M. Williams and Peter Lauder Oakley.

A view of the interior at Seasted Stables (Courtesy: BC SPCA)


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