BC Hydro reducing Campbell River flows earlier than normal due to dry weather


WATCH: Dry spring weather and a drier than normal summer forecast has BC Hydro conserving water in the Campbell River system earlier than normal.

Water levels in the Campbell River reservoir system should be rising at this time of year because of the melting snowpack. However most of the mountain snows are already gone.

Combine that with a drier than normal spring and BC Hydro is already having to conserve water.

“The challenge that we’re having now is that the water abundance is really starting to drop off and we’re entering the summer period where the forecast is for drier and warmer conditions,” said BC Hydro spokesman Stephen Watson.

BC Hydro has reduced the flow in the Campbell River from 100 cubic metres/second to 70 m3/s whereas at this time of year they normally like to have it between 100 and 128 m3/s for fish movement.

On Wednesday, biologists helped move fish that were trapped in drier parts of the river to the main flow of the river.

BC Hydro will further reduce Campbell River flows to 30 m3/s in July.

Most summers see the utility cut the flow to 40 m3/s.

Dean StoltzDean Stoltz

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