BC Ferries’ mask signage mocked on James Corden’s show

BC Ferries' mask signage mocked on James Corden's show
The Late Late Show with James Corden
The BC Ferries mask sign.

When it comes to the BC Ferries’ mask sign, you’ll see it when you see it, according to late-night talk show host James Corden.

Corden, the host of The Late Late Show with James Corden, recently poked fun at the sign during a segment looking at recent news headlines on Wednesday.

“A company in Canada is getting a lot of attention online for its sign encouraging people to wear a mask,” Corden said

“Because, well, you’ll see it when you see it.”

After laughter from the audience, Corden said, “Sorry, I can’t hear. I’ve got a penis in my ear. I mean talk about ‘graphic design.'”

Corden then talks to someone who didn’t see what Corden was seeing in the picture.

“How did you not see it, Susan? He’s got a giant **** in his ear,” Corden said while laughing.

The signage, first pointed out by Peter Meiszner on Twitter, got quite a bit of attention on social media, with users pointing out the mask design around the ear shares the resemblance to the male anatomy.

BC Ferries initially responded in a tweet writing:

“What imagination…If there was anyone unaware about our mandatory requirement to wear masks…they know now.”

BC Ferries have now confirmed the signs will be changed out over time.

Masks are mandatory when at a BC Ferries terminal or while on a BC Ferries vessel.

There are exceptions:

  • When inside a vehicle
  • When consuming food or drinks, provided physical distancing is maintained
  • Children under two years of age
  • Medical condition or disability that inhibits the ability to wear a mask
  • Persons unable to place or remove a mask without assistance
  • BC Ferries employees working behind a physical barrier or within employee-only areas provided physical distancing is maintained

BC Ferries said in the event that a passenger cannot wear a mask or face covering due to medical reasons, BC Ferries may require passengers to present documentation from a healthcare professional. This is a new Transport Canada requirement for ferry operators across Canada.

Passengers are also asked to continue to maintain physical distance while wearing a mask.


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