B.C. Green Party winds up two days of meetings with NDP and Liberals

B.C. Green Party winds up two days of meetings with NDP and Liberals

The B.C. Green Party just completed several days of meetings in Victoria.

Andrew Weaver says he and his negotiating committee met with their NDP and Liberal counterparts. The negotiations between all three political parties will determine who will the B.C. Green Party support in the province’s minority government.

The Green’s negotiating committee consisting of Andrew Weaver, Sonia Furstenau, Norman Spector and Liz Lilly, are talking with  NDP and Liberal teams.

The key question is, who will the Green Party support?

Although election night was 16 days ago, British Columbia may have to wait a little longer.

But Weaver says they are close to making a deal.

“We met yesterday, as you know, with the BC Liberals,” Weaver said. “For a very, very productive meeting with the BC Liberals.  And also today, we met with the BC NDP.

And had a very, very productive meeting with them.  So, we are still on track to come out with something formal towards before the writ is returned on Wednesday. We do have another meeting on Monday with the BC Liberals.  And, and, we are very, very close.”

Negotiations will be back on with the Liberals on Monday.

Weaver says that although negotiations are complex, he’s surprised by the common ground they’ve found with the other two parties.

But he says there will be an announcement before Wednesday regarding who the Green Party will support.

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