B.C.-born actor Ryan Reynolds reveals he is infamous social media intern for Ottawa Public Health

B.C.-born actor Ryan Reynolds reveals he is infamous social media intern for Ottawa Public Health
Ottawa Public Health
Ryan Reynolds admits it. He is "Bruce".

Ryan Reynolds is seemingly everywhere these days and, as it turns out, the actor has been moonlighting as a social media intern for Ottawa Public Health.

In a video posted to Twitter by Ottawa Public Health, Reynolds humorously admits that he is the infamous intern “Bruce.”

“Bruce” went viral on Super Bowl Sunday after accidentally sending out a congratulatory tweet without removing the placeholder text and inserting the winning team’s name.

“WHAT AN AMAZING #SuperBowlLV!! Congratulations to the (*Bruce, make sure to put the winning team’s name here),” read the viral Ottawa Public Health tweet, sent on Feb. 7.

As the world learned today, Ottawa Public Health’s “dear social media intern” is the beloved Vancouver-born actor.

Reynolds says in the video that most people may know him from “that episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” but what people may not know is that he also goes by Bruce.

“I’m talking about Bruce from that Ottawa Public Health Super Bowl tweet. The Bruce who forgot to include the winning team and the logo…that Bruce,” jokes Reynolds.

“And yes I occasionally tweet from Ottawa Public Health,” he continues. “Why? Everybody does.”

Reynolds teases for people to “back off” of Bruce because he is a busy guy, concluding the video by advising people to follow COVID-19 public health guidelines such as regular hand washing, staying home, getting vaccinated and wearing a mask.

The stunt of enlisting Reynolds is another smart move to put Ottawa Public Health’s social media channels back into the public eye, much like the initial Super Bowl tweet.

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OPH says Bruce’s infamous Super Bowl tweet, which got thousands of likes and interactions, was a deliberate move to start a conversation around how to think critically about information online.

“Btw, we’re so touched by the outpouring of support for dear Bruce (who doesn’t exist, btw). It’s nice to see such kindness out there. Be critical of what you see online. Misinformation has consequences that go far beyond the wellbeing of ‘Bruce,’ ” reads a tweet posted on Feb. 8.

The Twitter thread ends by linking to the organization’s webpage on scams and misinformation.

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