‘Avoid driving on our shoreline’: Courtenay tow company responds to two trucks stuck on beach

'Avoid driving on our shoreline': Courtenay tow company responds to two trucks stuck on beach

A Courtenay tow truck company was called out twice on Tuesday to pull out trucks that had got stuck on the beach.

Damon Dunn, owner of Dunn Right Towing, says it’s not an uncommon call they respond to.

“It does happen quite often where people drive out onto the beach and get stuck and then the tide comes in and consumes their vehicle,” Dunn told CHEK News in a Zoom interview.

The second call came in after a driver was informed ICBC opened a claim against them because their truck was under water, and it was stuck on Fanny Bay Beach.

“The waterline was above the roof of the truck because the tide came in,” Dunn said. “We initially sent our biggest truck, one truck was unable to break it free from the mud. So we ended up having to bring down a second truck to pull it backwards and break the suction of the mud in order to get it free.”

In order to avoid getting your car stuck in mud on the beach, Dunn has some simple advice.

“Avoid driving on our shoreline, stay in the parking lot and walk down.”

-With files from CHEK’s Kori Sidaway

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