Ashes from stolen disc golf targets found

Ashes from stolen disc golf targets found

Ashes that have been missing from a Comox Valley disc golf course after a theft earlier this month have been found.

Two weeks ago over 20 course targets, known as “tonals” vanished from the property, near Courtenay. They are decommissioned propane tanks decorated by members.

Inside one was the ashes of Mike Barrett, a caretaker on the property who passed away last September.

They suddenly appeared on Tuesday, with an apology note saying the theft was instead an effort at restoration and preservation.

The ashes were still gone, with the note saying they were never touched and that the person responsible was deeply sorry.

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Comox Valley disc golf club member and treasurer Ralph Ney says he was on the property Friday cleaning up when he decided to look near the tonal that had Barrett’s ashes.

He found them around seven-meters away, tucked under a stump.

The area where the ashes were hidden (Photo: Ralph Ney)
The area where the ashes were hidden (Photo: Ralph Ney)

“For me, it means a fair bit, to his brother mark it means a lot more… a lot of people who knew Mike are pretty relieved,” said Ney.

Ney says the discovery further makes him believe the reasons in the note are false. He points to the letter that states each tonal able to easily be removed, and says each was on a metal pole bolted in tight, with thread locker applied.

“The letter is lies… it’s one thing to say oops we’ve got to give these things back and dump out the ashes… and ‘finger tight?’ that goes to show a contradiction to what was said in the letter.”

He has handed over the ashes for the time to the RCMP.

Though, Ney says he is glad everything is back and will be waiting to install the tonals in the future, once the club has a more permanent location.

“Mike can rest in peace now, and maybe we can too,” added Ney.

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